Saturday, September 25, 2010

Results NAC 2010: Last Chance Qualifier

The first results of the VtES North American Championship 2010, which is played on September 24th-26th, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana have been announced. The first major tournament was the Last Chance Qualifier on Friday, which gives non-qualified players a last chance to enter the actual NAC tournament on the following day(s). 34 players participated in this NAC tournament, the standings in the finals were (partial results; full information will be given as soon as they are available):
1. Mark Loughman (USA) -- 2 GW 8 VP -- 3 VP -- Nakhthorheb Chameleon
2. Ferenc Vasadi (HUN) -- 2 GW 6 VP -- 2 VP -- Lucian the Perfect MegaBleed
2. Darby Keeny (USA) -- 2 GW 9 VP -- 0 VP -- Tupdog
2. Alex Harmon (USA) -- 1 GW 7 VP -- 0 VP -- Weenie Presence Bleed
2. Adam Hulse (USA) -- 1 GW 6 VP -- 0 VP -- Weenie/Midcap Auspex Wall
Congratulations to Mark for his win of the NAC LCQ 2010. You can find a report on the tournament and the finals on Mephistopheles' "Hun Fragment" blog.


Abdul alHazred said...

would be very intresting to see Marks decklist. anyone know if he has posted it anywhere?

floppyzedolfin said...

5th player is Alex Harmon.