Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Memorable Quotes (Part 87)

"(..) VTES needs an investment of time and money to get to grips with, and an interest in complex social game mechanics. It’s not an “instant gratification” game, and never was." -- Orava (Finnish VtES player)

Reference: VTES going into torpor, again


Curevei said...

I find that saying CCGs require an investment of money is overstated. Rather than compare to other gaming, where, yes, it can be considerably more expensive, compare to regularly going to movies, buying gadgets, etc. Specifically to V:TES, money shouldn't be an issue because it's fairly easy to find people unloading collections or people with extra cards or you just borrow decks. Sure, in the absence of other players with sizable collections and without retiring players or reasonable eBay lots, it's possible to have to generate your collection from scratch, but then, your opponents are in the same boat, so likely none of you will invest that heavily.

Not all CCGs require understanding social game mechanics. However, what I consider understated is that all CCGs require immense investments in time, not just building decks and playing, but in thought of how to build decks.

So, I'd claim that all CCGs fail in terms of instant gratification and all require high levels of investment in time, ... which is why I don't think CCGs (in general) are doing particularly well, anymore. Too many people want/need to put that time into other interests.

extrala said...

I still think the original quote has some validity.

First of all, you're statistically less likely to win a 4 to 5 player game than to win a 2 player game (like MtG). Less instant gratification. One of the things new players have to learn, is that not winning alone is an accomplishment, but also gaining one or two VPs.
And in addition to the pure technical and tactical mastery of the game, you have to tackle the social component of the game.