Sunday, September 19, 2010

Poll Results: "Will you continue playing VtES?"

Here are the results of the latest poll if the readers of this blog will continue to play VtES although production cessation of the game was official declare by White Wolf on September 10th, 2010. 281 readers of this blog have voted in this poll:
  • Yes, definitely! -- 191 (67%)
  • At least for some time. -- 56 (19%)
  • Maybe .. -- 9 (3%)
  • Nope, that's it for me. -- 8 (2%)
  • I'm still in shock! -- 17 (6%)
A large majority of the readers (67%) is willing to play the game for an extended time, even though no cards will printed for a foreseeable future, and a significant second group (19%) will play at least for some time from now on. Only a small minority (5%) is quitting the game for good or is at least thinking about quitting.

After all: Another sign how faithful to the game VtES players are ..

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M@rc00_L said...

VtES is dead, long lives VtES !