Monday, September 27, 2010

Results NAC 2010: First Chance Qualifier

More results from the VtES North American Championship 2010, which was played on September 24th-26th, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana have been announced. The last major tournament was the First Chance Qualifier on Sunday, which gives players a chance to qualify for next year's continental championships. 13 players participated in this NAC tournament, the standings in the finals were (partial results; full information will be given as soon as they are available):
1. Martin Major (HUN) -- 2 GW 5 VP -- 3 VP -- New Brujah Alastor
2. Alex Broadhead (USA) -- x GW y VP -- 2 VP -- Weenie Presence
2. Andy Smith (USA) -- x GW y VP -- 0 VP --Malkavian antitribu S&B
2. Eric Simon (USA) -- x GW y VP -- 0 VP -- True Brujah feat. Lydia
2. Kelly Schultz (USA) -- x GW y VP -- 0 VP -- Daughters of Cacophony Vote
Congratulations to Martin for his win of the NAC FCQ 2010. You can find a report on the tournament and the finals on Mephistopheles' "Hun Fragment" blog.

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