Friday, September 10, 2010

V:tES to Cease Production

As reported on the White Wolf website and the VtES Usenet Newsgroup: by Oscar Garza (VtES Organized Play Director), which I quote in full due the importance of this news for the game:
V:TES to Cease Production after 10 years back at White Wolf

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle® Trading Card Game to Cease Production

Atlanta, GA September 10, 2010 -- Vampire: The Eternal Struggle™, the trading card game published since 2000 by White Wolf Publishing Inc., has survived the lifetimes of many Methuselahs, been a terrifying vehicle for their manipulative ways and a true forum for the creation of lifelong friends and bitter enemies since its launch in 1994.

White Wolf has been increasingly unable to continue serving the V:TES community in the way that the game requires. After an exhaustive search for possible alternatives to extend V:TES, one of the oldest collectible card games will be returning to torpor once more. White Wolf sought out many possible licensors to take over the franchise but an accord could not be met. V:TES will finish the year strongly with the North American Championship at The Grand Masquerade in New Orleans and the European Championship in Paris and continue to support tournaments for another year, even in the absence of new expansions or reprints of old sets. The strength of V:TES has always been in its devout following, and White Wolf trusts that while the game may retreat from the light for the foreseeable future, it will never suffer a final death.

Direct Inquiries to:
Oscar Garza, Organized Play Director
White Wolf Publishing
orgplay (/at/) white-wolf (/dot/) com

On a personal note: I've played V:TES for most of my life and have worked with it for 100% of my personal career. My experience is filled with unforgettable memories, unforgettable friends, and few but unforgettable regrets. It is with a heavy heart that we came to the decisions we did regarding V:TES. On the up side, it has been my sincere pleasure to have met and worked with as many of you as I have and I invite everyone that can make it to the Continental Championships to do so I'd like to buy you a drink.
Very, very, very sad news indeed ..

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