Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sect War Draft Rules

Here are the Sect Wars Draft rules as used for the Danish ECQ 2010 weekend (see post above):

Laibon vs. Sabbat vs. Camarilla vs. Independents and Vampires vs. Hunters

This event is an alternate tournament format that is non-sanctioned. The format is somewhat based on the NAC 2009 event using similar rules.

There will be 2 teams for each sect, made up of 4 players:
  • 8 Sabbat players
  • 8 Laibon players
  • 8 Camarilla players
  • 8 Independent players
  • 4 Imbued players
The maximum participants is 36.

Each sect will have 4 players sit together and make the best 4 possible decks from 4 starters and 18 boosters provided to them:
  • 4 Third Edition starters + 18 Third Edition boosters,
  • 4 Legacies of Blood starters + 18 Ebony Kingdom boosters,
  • 4 Keepers of Tradition starters + 18 Keepers of Tradition boosters, and
  • 4 Lords of the Night starters + 18 Lords of the Night boosters.
The Imbued will split 2 boxes of Nights of Reckoning to make their best 4 possible decks (18 boosters per player, as Nights of Reckoning has no pre-constructed starters).

We are also considering using Bloodline starters for this, but at the moment of writing this, we do not yet know how suited they would be for an event like this.

There will be 1 hour set aside for deck building. Collaborative deck building at its finest.

This will be a 2 round plus final round format.

One player from each sect will be present on each table to minimize contestation. If an Imbued team plays, then only one Imbued player will be at each table.

The top player from each of the sects plus the top Imbued player will play the final round. If there is no Imbued team, then the finals will be a four player game.

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