Monday, March 8, 2010

VtES Rules: "Raw Recruit" Q&A

Lately a number of questions came up regarding "Raw Recruit", so here's a short "Questions and Answers" summary for the card. Most of the information is taken from the VtES Usenet Newsgroup "":

Question: Does the vampire targeted by this card keep the special abilities when enslaved as Gargoyle?
Answer: The new Gargoyle vampire does not keep anything from the original vampire (other than its capacity). In fact, it's an entirely new vampire, as the card text indicates. In addition the representation of the new Gargoyle is "Raw Recruit" card, and the vampire the "Raw Recruit" was played on, is first moved to the "Raw Recruit" card, and then removed from the game as the "Raw Recruit" is enslaved and put into the controlled region.

Q: Is the slave a unique vampire? What is the name of the slave?
A: The "Raw Recruit" is a non-unique vampire, i.e. you can have multiple raw-recruited Gargoyles under you control. The new Gargoyle has no particular name, but if you like you can name him Oscar, Ben or even Scott.

Q: What is the sect of the new slave Gargoyle? The default sect for the Gargoyles, or the sect from the targeted vampire?
A: Since the card text of "Raw Recruit" doesn't state anything specific, the sect of the new Gargoyle is Independent, the default sect for the Gargoyles.

Q: What is the starting blood of the new slave Gargoyle?
A: The new slave Gargoyle starts with zero blood, so he has to hunt first, unless provided with blood immediately, e.g. by tapping "The Coven".

Q: Does the slave Gargoyle keep the equipment and other cards?
A: No, any card on the vampire target by the "Raw Recruit", is burned (moved to the ash heap) when the target vampire is moved to the "Raw Recruit".

Q: What happens if the slave Gargoyle is burned? Does the original vampire card go back to the owner's ash heap, the controller's ash heap or is it removed from the game?
A: The original vampire was removed from game already when the "Raw Recruit" is enslaved as a result of the second action (if successful). If the "Raw Recruit" is burned, the "Raw Recruit" is moved to the Ash Heap. No additional effects on the original vampire (which is removed from game anyhow) are happening.

Q: Is the slave Gargoyle still considered a unique copy of the original vampire, e.g. if "Arika" is targeted by this card, can another "Arika" be influenced out? If so, what happens if the second "Arika" is raw-recruited as well? Does it contest the first one?
A: As stated before, the new Gargoyle slave has "no memory" of the original vampire other than its capacity. In addition the Gargoyle is also non-unique. So in the example given in the question, "Arika" and a new Gargoyle slave, which originated from an earlier incarnation of "Arika", do not contest. And you can even have multiple Gargoyle slaves originating from different incarnations of the same vampire in play.

Q: Is a non-unique vampire targeted by this card also considered non-unique?
A: Yes, a new Gargoyle slave based on a raw-recruited non-unique vampire is also non-unique. "Raw Recruit" does not make any distinction whether the targeted vampire is non-unique or not.

Reference: VtES Usenet Newsgroup

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