Wednesday, March 10, 2010

VtES Storyline Announcement: "Battle Lines"

The elders of the bloodline clans are faced with a terrible choice.

Are they being offered a gift? Or being taken down a darker path? Do they heed the warnings of the mysterious Bahari and join the followers of Lilith? Or do they reject the Dark Mother and her infernal servants?

The bloodlines must choose which side they are on. The Battle Lines are drawn.

More information on the "Battle Lines" storyline:

WW2949 VTES Storyline: Battle Lines $14.99
  • Kit contents:
    • VTES promo card: Infamous Insurgent -- 5x
    • VTES promo card: Lilith's Blessing -- 5x
    • VTES promo card: Guide and Mentor -- 5x
    • VTES promo card: Karsh -- 5x
    • VTES promo card: Claudio Serverino -- 5x
    • VTES Lords of the Night Booster Pack -- 3x
    • VTES Ebony Kingdom Booster Pack -- 2x
- Ben Swainbank
VTES Storyline Coordinator

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Kaze Arashi said...

"Battle Lines fiction translatedto portuguese"
Quem quizer conferir, disponibilizei no meu livespace a tradução do conto introdutório do novo evento storyline de VTES.
Ainda estou tentando adquirir alguns kits para fazer o torneio.
Logo,essa semana ainda se possivel, posto a tradução das regras.
segue o link:
Kaze Arashi - Wiliam Fonseca
VEKN Prince #623
Malkavian Antitribu
Sabbat Bishop