Friday, May 14, 2010

Australian Continental VtES Championship 2010

The Australian Continental VtES Championship 2010 will be held on June 13th, 2010, at the Prince of Wales hotel in Nundah, Queensland.

Prince of Wales Hotel
1154 Sandgate Rd,
Nundah, Queensland, 4012
(The event will be held in a private room above the sports bar.)
  • The tournament follows the VEKN Tournament Rules.
  • All players must be pre-qualified at one of the qualifying events held previously.
  • Registration: 09.30am
  • Start 1st round: 10.30am.
  • The event will be 3 rounds of 2hr each, with a final round of 2.5hrs.
Fee & Prize Support:
  • The event cost will be $20.
  • Prizes of boosters, promos and plenty of other gear will be provided.
If you require any further information on the event or suggestions for accommodation, please don't hesitate to contact Steve Harris (Prince of Brisbane). The full post of the announcement can be found in the VtES Usenet Newsgroup.

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KevinM said...

How disappointing that yet another championship event feels the need to abandon the preliminary-round time limit for the finals. Sigh.