Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pictures from the "Trading Card Day 2010" VtES tournament

Here are the pictures from last weekend's tournament (on May 8th, 2010) in Bad Nauheim, Germany. The tournament was part of the Trading Card Day 2010 in the Alte Feuerwache:

Left: The Alte Feuerwache in Bad Nauheim is a youth center, used for a large number of different activities.

: This is round 2 table 2 of the tournament.

Left: The final table with Raphaela, Julian, Cassian, Ralf and Rudolf (the winner of the tournament).

Right: A closeup of the final table, somewhat early in the game.

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Ishvalan said...

It seemed a lot of fun! I wish there was that kind of days in my place! :)