Monday, May 17, 2010

Pictures from the "Battle Lines" VtES tournament in Bochum

Here are the pictures from this weekend's VtES Storyline tournament "Battle Lines" (on May 16th, 2010) in Bochum, Germany.

Left: The participants of the Storyline tournament during round 2.
Right: Hardy's winning deck based on the Daughters. He sealed the victory with two Benefit Performance (for 18 pool total) in a single turn in the heads-up.

Left: Michael's choice was a Samedi Stealth Bleed deck. He suffered from too many Stealth cards (~40) in his deck.
Right: Didi's Baali vote deck was probably the strongest in the tournament. He suffered from a terrible handjam with master & stealth cards in the final.

Left: Ralf played a Baali deck based on Tend the Flock and The Horde. In the end the bleed power was not enough to oust Hardy in the heads-up.
Right: Martin choose to play a Samedi Reanimated Corpse deck. In the final he was a tad too slow to be successful.

In the end the storyline tournament was fun to play. I have seen quite a number of new cards from the "Heirs to the Blood" expansion, and you could also see what the Bloodline clans would be capable of, if they had full set of vampires (in each group) like the regular Camarilla or Sabbat clans. And it became quite clear to me, why the Baali need to pay the pool to untap in regular games. ;)

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