Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wider View or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Card

Playing this wonderful card more and more, I consider Wider View as one the best cards in the previous years. And there are a number of reasons for making that statement:
  • If you just look at the card as pool gain, it is well balanced. If compared to Ascendance, which also gives you pool, Wider View is a trifle, but on the other hand has the additional cost of the four transfers. The card is also not easily abusable, since there are very few cards that grant you 8 (or more) transfers. So playing multiple Wider Views in the same turn are somewhat hard to cash in during the same, even gaining four pools for two copies are not easy to accomplish for most decks.
  • The card is not dead weight in the late game. Whereas you have a discard the x-th copy of Information Highway in the late game, Wider View can easily be played late in the game. Since it's a trifle, it doesn't block your regular master action, and usually you don't need the four transfers late in the game, you can burn the Wider View for net gain of one pool.
  • But best of all, is certainly that Wider View can help a lot of decks with managing their crypt. For example:
    • Tupdog decks can fish for a Tremere antitribu, or for another Tupdog copy, most often without even losing a single turn.
    • Decks who rely on Aabt Kindred can easily get their copy of Nefertiti, to enable these snakes making directed actions. Followers of Set have certainly access to a lot of cards regarding crypt management (Summon the Serpent, Mesu Bedshet, etc.), but Wider View is still an viable option.
    • Even with a bad crypt draw (too many or no copy of the star vampire can easily) decks built around a star vampire can cycle through their crypt to draw more sidekick vampires or to draw the much wanted copy of that star vampire. Granted in the later case you have to draw it quite early on, but still it's one of the best options around.
So stop worrying about your crypt and vampire ratios, and pack some copies of Wider View. Very well done, LSJ.


Brandonsantacruz said...

I like this card a lot, too. For star decks, it helps you ditch the extra copies for more useful vampires. Sometimes there will be a vampire with a special that's particularly useful in a situation(i.e. +1 strength vs sabbat, can steal an ally, can burn a location) and it's good to dig them out. The opportunity cost is pretty low when including it in a deck, so I'll throw it in at least a few decks.

Dr.Mafrune said...

Absolut richtig !!! Der kosten eins ins deck zu schmeissen ist ganz niedrig.