Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Top Decking Skillz

During one of the games on last Friday (May 7th, 2010) one of the players in my playgroup (Hardy) showed some top decking skillz extraordinaire. While on four pool he was the target of a Neonate Breach by his prey (rightfully so of course, because he was playing a Khazar's Diary deck). This would have surely ousted him, but then he played one On the Qui Vive on each of his four of his ready minions, just to reveal a Delaying Tactics that saved him .. but only for that round, because when it was his predator's turn, his predator dropped a Palla Grande and ousted him with his two Toreador antitribu. Too bad he couldn't wake and bounce one of the bleeds, because none of his minions could play another On the Qui Vive that turn ..


xysing said...

Delaying Tactics indeed!



Ishvalan said...

I think he played really well, even though he lost.
No risk no victory, sometimes..

Brandonsantacruz said...

As awesome as it is when you're able to pull a top-decking off, it's a bad habit to rely on it. People mess themselves up when they try to push their luck. Sometimes it works out, but a little self restraint is usually better ;)