Monday, April 18, 2011

Bochum VtES League 2011: April 15th

Here are the decks of the Bochum VtES League 2011 from the meeting on April 15th, 2011 (the next prey is from top to bottom):

Left: The deck Hardy played was his New Brujah Vote deck. He brought up quickly Hektor and Karen Sudela, but somehow lacked .. well almost everything, no vote, no rush and just a little combat. he had his prey (Michael) under control, but lacked the final punch to oust him when Ralf became his new predator. And so he was ousted very quickly, since the two intercept provided by Second Tradition: Domain wasn't good enough to stop the bleeds by Cybele and Co.

Left: Michael played a new deck after being challenged to make good use of Hell-For-Leather. In principal he had a good start, which he proved when dunking Normal to torpor, but then his first attempt to to play Govern the Unaligned ended with Banjoko being Decapitated. After that he tried to get rid of his predator's Hektor by rushing him, but that also ended in a disaster, i.e. Henry Lavenant was torporized. After moving the third mid-cap Lasombra to the ready region he was in very weakened state.

Left: Markus returned to the Bochum VtES League after a year's absence and he played an old school Malkavian Royalty Vote deck. Initially he was able to put some pressure on Ralf with a Conservative Agitation and a Kine Resources Contested, but afterwards lacked the necessary punch to oust him. He called two very interesting votes, a first he banished one of his own vampires (Normal) after he realized that banishing one of his predator's minion wasn't the smartest idea, and a Justicar Retribution against Mistress Fanchion, who was promptly burned since the Brujah looked the other way.

Left: Ralf played a Big Cap Villein/Zillah's deck which relied on a number of big vampires with an inherent (or payed for) +1 or +2 bleed. After Mistress Fanchion was brought to the ready region in turn 3, Cybele entered play in turn 4, Ralf was able to oust Sascha in turn 5. Afterwards, Ralf had an easy game, since he was able to overcome the +2 intercept of the Brujah quite easily and then had an almost unobstructed oust of Michael, who was already weakend by both his prey and predator. In the heads-up with Markus it was clear, that each player couldn't block the other. So Ralf won because he was able just to bleed harder in the final confrontation.

Without a picture is the Lasombra G2 Toolbox deck Sascha played, he was ousted just in 5 turns (with a Villein in his hand, of course).

Result: Ralf 5 VP

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