Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bochum VtES League 2011: April 1st

Here are the decks of the Bochum VtES League 2011 from the meeting on April 1st, 2011 (the next prey is from top to bottom):

Left: Sascha played Lasombra G2 Toolbox deck with rather big vampires. After influencing out Angelica, The Canonicus and getting her beat to torpor, he was almost ousted but after playing a Govern the Unaligned and moving Alvaro, The Scion of Angelica(!) to the ready region, Sascha managed to stabilize.

It was interesting to see how often Alvaro was getting two blood, even with table where voting was always very tight.

Left: Hardy played a new(!) deck (something he hadn't for quite some time), a Baali G5/6 Vote deck. After having a very good start with two successful votes, a Reckless Agitation and a Neonate Breach, and bleed with Legal Manipulation, his deck stalled somewhat since he apparently drew neither new bleed nor Vote cards or a bleed card. Then he made a crucial miscalculation when he had his first VP just before his his eyes in playing a Condemnation Mute on Eze the Demon Prince controlled by his crosstable buddy Michael. This made vote for all parties at the table a whole lot more complicated.

Left: Ralf played a Weenie Laibon Vote deck feat. Lutz von Hohenzollern, only Lutz denied showing up for the whole game. Ralf only spent 10 pool during the whole game, so Hardy had really something to do to remove that pool. With no votes initially (wrong Kholo in his hand and no Lutz) Ralf sat in no good position, and recovered when a Akunanse Kholo showed up and Sascha had two titled vampires in play. Ralf made a serious blunder (just like Hardy before) when played the CardNameKvada's Mask on his Kholo vampire, so it was easy for Arishat to cancel that vampire's vote.

Left: The now-well known Guruhi Vote/Rush deck was played by Michael. Without significant pressure after he had influenced his first vampire, Eze, The Demon Prince, he managed to built up quite nicely, but was stopped somewhat when he couldn't pass his votes anymore (because of the Condemnation Mute on Eze) nor was he able to do something against Eternal Vigilance Alvaro claimed his own.

In the end the superior number of minions and the diminished pool in the early phase of the game took its toll and both Sascha and Ralf were ousted about 7 or 8 minutes before the end of the game with a single Reckless Agitation played by Hardy.

Result: Hardy 1.5 VP, Michael 1.5 VP

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