Friday, April 15, 2011

Did you know, that ... (Part 60)

.. when an acting vampire is blocked by Unleash Hell's Fury, he can still play Change of Target (and untaps), but still takes the damage from Unleash Hell's Fury (and Unleash Hell's Fury burns afterwards).

The reason that he can play Change of Target is that he's he acting player, so he's allowed to play a card before the result of the block is resolved (usually combat). On the other hand, Change of Target is only playable if the action was in fact blocked successfully and therefore the effect of Unleash Hell's Fury triggers, that is it inflicts one aggravated damage and is burned then.



Azrael said...

Unleash Hell's Fury inflicts only one unpreventable aggravated damage.

extrala said...

Corrected! ;)