Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Announcement Danish National VtES Championship 2011

The Danish National VtES Championship 2011 and the Danish European VtES Championship Qualifier will take place at the same weekend. The two tournaments are scheduled to place in Copenhagen, Denmark on May 14th and 15th, 2011. This should give everyone a chance to qualify for the EC, to play lots of VtES and to have fun/drink beer. Everyone, of course, is welcome to participate, and the organizers hope that as many players can make their way to Copenhagen as possible. For more information you can contact the organizer by sending an email to "c [/dot/] nislev [/at/] gmail [/dot/] com".
  • Date: May 14th (Saturday) and May 15th (Sunday), 2011
  • Time Schedule:
    • Registration: 11:30 (Saturday) and 10:00 (Sunday)
    • First round starting time: 12:00 (Saturday) and 10.30 (Sunday)
    • Expected finishing time: 21.00 (Saturday) and 19.30 (Sunday)
  • Format: Standard Constructed, detailed rules can be found on the VEKN website.
  • Number of rounds: 3 Rounds + Final
  • Time limit: 2 hours per round
  • Location:
    Københavns Brætspilsklub
    Jagtvej 59B
    Press the buzzer labeled "Brætspilsklubben", then enter the gate, cross the yard and walk down the stairs in the right hand corner.
  • Pre-registration: Please pre-register by email to "c [/dot/] nislev [/at/] gmail [/dot/] com" so we have an idea about numbers for prize support and other purposes.
  • Travel: Rejseplanen.dk is a very good site for public transport (there is a link for English version of the site).
    • By air: Catch the metro from Copenhagen Airport to Nørreport Station. Walk 5 minutes and catch bus 5A towards Husum Torv. Stop at Nørrebros Runddel which is 2 minutes from the venue.
    • By train: From Hovedbanegården, walk to Vesterport Station and catch Bus 5A towards Husum Torv. Stop at Nørrebros Runddel which is 2 minutes from the venue.
    • By car: There should be parking space close to the venue.

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