Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Deck of the Month: November 2011: Toreador Powerbleed

This month's deck is the tournament winning deck "Toreador Power Bleed" played by Aleksi Nuora. The deck name is a joke with regards to Andre LeRoux's special ability, because the deck is actually an Enkidu multi-rush deck. Since Enkidu's rush is often at zero stealth the use of Freak Drive (or Forced March) is not an option you can rely on when trying to multi-rush with Enkidu. So instead of playing the aforementioned cards is to enter combat with another minion, play an Earth Meld in the first combat to untap and then play Psyche! to start a second combat a hit for real. It's still not an easy deck to play, since you have to rush the vampires in the proper order to make your VPs and finally the GW and you have to avoid the table hate that is likely to come up (up to and including a Pentex Subversion). One other feature to note is, that the deck has three options to bleed for 3 or more. First, the little Imbued module with Beatrice and Strike with Conviction. Secondly, you have the Codex of Edenic Groundskeeper, which will takes it toll once Enkidu has taken care of your prey's minions. And lastly, the namesake of the deck, the Toreador Andre LeRoux, who can boost his bleed to 3 or even more.

There's a somewhat similar deck played Benoit Olivieri (from March 25th, 2006), but Aleksi's design is more radical in its approach and that's the reason why I have chosen his deck as the Deck of the Month. And thanks to TheRedDuke making me notice the deck again by playing a modified version of the deck in the tournament in Arnhem last weekend.
Fee Stake Helsinki I
Helsinki, Finland
February 26th, 2011
19 players

Deck Name: Fee Stake Helsinki I: Toreador Power Bleed
Author: Aleksi Nuora

Crypt (Capacity min=1 max=11 avg=6.25; 12 cards)

1x Anarch Convert 1 -none- Caitiff:ANY
2x Andre LeRoux 3 aus Toreador:5
1x Clifton Derrik 2 cel Brujah:4
5x Enkidu, The Noah 11 for ANI CEL OBF POT PRO !Gangrel:4
1x Fairuza 4 pre CEL !Brujah:5
1x Idrissa 4 aus CEL Osebo:4
1x T.J. 3 cel for Gangrel:4

Library (90 cards)

Master (5 cards)
1x Monster
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Villein
1x Wash
1x Wider View

Action (11 cards)
1x Abbot
1x Ambush
1x Big Game
1x Bum's Rush
1x Deep Song
1x Harass
1x Heroic Might
1x Rumble
2x Sense Death
1x Taunt the Caged Beast

Equipment (1 cards)
1x Codex of the Edenic Groundskeepers

Retainer (1 cards)
1x Raven Spy

Action Modifier (1 cards)
1x Forced March

Combat (71 cards)
1x Armor of Vitality
3x Claws of the Dead
2x Disarm
10x Earth Meld
19x Psyche!
2x Pulled Fangs
15x Pursuit
4x Sideslip
2x Skin of Night
1x Street Cred
12x Taste of Vitae

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Izaak said...

Just pointing out there were 2 bart's at the Arnhem tournament and the one using Hatberg as his online ID wasn't the one playing it :)

It was Bart Arnhem as we called him. Hatberg played the mono presence vote.

And ye, I liked the deck too, especially because Bart played it really clever.

extrala said...

Next time if you throw around non-unique names for players, I demand some sort of contesting cost. Like hard cash .. or blood!

Anonymous said...

Just played a modified version of this deck and i must say that i am a bit impressed. By far the best Enkidu Deck i have seen and played. :D Thanks for posting it.

extrala said...

You're welcome!

But the honor, of course, belongs to the original deck builder(s).