Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Memorable Quotes (Part 130)

"What turn is it?"
"Two Explores." -- Alex Bertoncini, MtG player, now banned by the DCI for 18 months.
Reference: Alex Bertoncini at SCG Kansas City

More context on the issue at hand:


Brandonsantacruz said...

Card cycling is so broken....

Charles Bronson said...

I had a friend that playedlike this when I played magic.

We never called the judge to him. We all know him well, and always watched him closely.

I catched him three times in MtG tourneaments, long time ago. Usually, he liked to draw two cards instead of one. When that happened, I asked him to forfeit one card (I draw one at random).

One time, he cheated heavy with me. I asked him to give up de match, or I would call judge. He gived up and was truly sorry.

He never cheated again, and we're still friends. I think its like a compulsive "i need to win" behavior, not a malicious, cold evil stuff.

Cheating should not be tolerated.