Tuesday, December 13, 2011

VEKN Designer Diary (Part 1)

© 1996-2001 Alan RabinowitzAfter the official announcement that the VEKN and the design team in particular is working on a new fan expansion for VtES in late November 2011, now the VEKN design team has published the first part of their Designer's Diary (on December 13th, 2011). The first part explains the general background and motivation for the upcoming (yet still unnamed) VtES expansion.

Read the full article on VEKN.net.

On an unrelated note, the picture on the right shows the artwork by Alan Rabinowitz for an early VtES promotional card that shows Vlad Tepes, but unfortunately was never published.


Boris said...

Are the stats of the Vlad Tepes card known?

Anonymous said...

Never too late...;)

extrala said...

No, I don't know his atats. I have briefly searched on the internet, but couldn't find anything.