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RNN Special: Hidden Imbued Revealed

One interesting thing I stumbled upon, is that three of the "hunter" allies, are actually Imbued according to the Vampire the Masquerade/Hunters Reckoning background material. These three are:
On the both the (official) World of Darkness wiki and the unofficial White Wolf wiki information on these three mortal allies can be found (which I more or less copied):
  • Wendell Delburton, known on as Crusader17, was an Avenger, living in the United States. He was responsible for the destruction of countless horrors, Wendell Delburton had no doubts that God had chosen him, even before the angels set him on the road that would end in an encounter with the Devil, He was found dead Saturday, August 2, 2003 in a wheat field outside Wichita, Kansas. He was impaled through the neck with a stabbing implement.

  • Jake Washington is an Innocent living in the United States, also known as as Bookworm55 on Hunter-net. Jake had always been a bookworm, but at 18, in his first year at college in Boston, things were beginning to look up for him until the Messengers imbued him. His first experience of the supernatural was meeting a little dead girl. He found and tipped off the police about her murderer. He quickly found Hunter-Net and made a few contacts among the Imbued, wanting to study and explore the new world he'd entered into, even though it frightened him. He made contact with a warlock he nicknamed "Purple" (because of the color of his aura when using the Second Sight) and learned much from him.

    Three weeks after his imbuing, Jake met a beautiful woman named Phaedra in his local bookstore-café, and quickly realized she was a vampire. True to his creed, he didn't hunt Phaedra, but instead talked with her, hoping to understand her and learn more about vampires. An adolescent virgin, Jake didn't resist her sexual advances, allowing her to bite him and even tasting some of her blood, but even though he was learning and beginning to understand her, things went wrong. On their third meeting, a local hunter Jake knew named Andy followed him and attacked Phaedra; she flew into a rage, killed Andy and pulled off Jake's legs. He blacked out, his next clear memory of hospital, where he was recuperating from a "car accident", his care paid for by insurance.

    For a while, Jake dropped off Hunter-net, though he eventually returned to post a bitter document titled "The Enemy", drawing heavily on his conversations with Purple and Phaedra to set down everything he knew about supernatural creatures. He temporarily took over the running of the site from Witness1 following a period of downtime. As he pieced his life back together, Jake grew to regret the "Enemy" post, since despite what happened to him he still didn't believe that "monsters" were inherently more evil than human beings. Differences with witness1 led him to create the Vitalis site and sub-list for those who, like him, thought of themselves as on a mission rather than a hunt, but after the Montreal "Body Snatcher" Tragedy and the fallout over Oracle171's involvement, he grew conflicted.

    His feelings led him to realize that Phaedra must have helped him survive after her attack, and set things up so that he would be looked after in hospital; he became convinced she must have a soul, and left Hunter-net again to find her with the aid of an older hunter named Fyodor. He did manage to speak to her once, and he traveled the country with Fyodor in the hope of finding her and learning more about the monsters. Fyodor, a much more ruthless hunter, eventually left Jake to his own devices, but not before channeling the power of the Messengers to restore Jake's legs.

    Jake continues to travel around America, knowing he can never go back to his family - he has no way to explain to them how his legs have been healed. He is still obsessed with finding Phaedra and proving to Hunter-net that she has a soul - and that other monsters must have them, too.

  • Dr. Carlton Van Wyk, known on as Doctor119, is a Judge, living in Chicago, best known for his month long journal discussing his encounters with at least 18 rots and invisibles, He is somewhat clinical and detached, and approaches the hunt with a scientific mindset.

    Though the details of his past are never fully revealed, it seems clear that Van Wyk is no longer a legally registered doctor. He has a "clinic" in his basement where he carries out minor surgery, including illegal abortions.

    Van Wyk was also known under the alias of Harlan Crandall.
All list of hunters in Vampire: the Masquerade can be found on these lists (from the Wikis mentioned above):

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