Monday, September 19, 2011

Did you know, that ... (Part 76)

.. if Count Zaroff diablerizes a vampire he first gets the equipment, blood from the diablerized vampire and a Discipline card, and then he goes to the uncontrolled region after that (if the Count's controller chooses to pays a pool). This follows straight from the order how a Diablerie is conducted in VtES. At first the Diablerie effects are resolved (according to the section 6.5.5 of the rulebook), the diablerist may take the equipment, the victim is burned, etc. And only after that the Blood Hunt is conducted (according the rules in section 6.5.6).


Mikkimon said...

Uncontrolled not torpor if you pay a pool

H* said...

I assume "torpor" should be "uncontrolled region".

extrala said...

Corrected. Thanks for noticing.