Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gelsenkirchen VtES League 2011: September 7th

Here I wanted to show you the decks of the Gelsenkirchen VtES League 2011 from the meeting on September 7th, 2011.
  • Thomas continued his bad seating luck seamlessly from the last league sessions. He played a Weenie Vicissitude Corrupt Construction deck, and guess who showed up as his predator? Sebastian Goulet with his special ability to steal allies! So Thomas resorted to playing a Weenie Computer Hacking deck with the occasional rush (using Breath of the Dragon), but he was simply slower in ousting his prey than his predator and got ousted rather quickly (in round 8).
  • A new deck was played Martin, a Midcap Obf/Cel/Pre(?) deck with equipment (fetched with Baltimore Pier, 13), but since he lacked both the equipment (guns for what I have (not) seen) and a decent defense, he was under pressure during the midgame, and so his pool was reduced significantly by Thomas. So weakened, Martin was an easy (next) prey for Zille (also in round 8).
  • Right: Ralf played a Weenie/Midcap Tzimisce Bleed deck and although he had to take some bleed initially, he was never really in danger of being ousted by Martin. So he could build up nicely, while bleeding Zille steadily for 2-3 using Camera Phones/Fiendish Tongue and Changelings, although occasionally his bleeds were redirected to Thomas, which also helped in Thomas' downfall.

  • Right: After a about year Zille finally played his Dom/Pro/Obf deck again. The deck features multiple copies of Sebastian Goulet, which single-handily shutdown the offensive capability of his prey's deck. Although he was steadily bled by Ralf, his situation was quite stable for most the game, and after he had moved both Sebastian Goulet and Soldat to the ready region, he had little trouble ousting first Thomas, then Martin using the usual Dominate Bleed cards.
The heads-up (as shown in the photos) was really a close match. Ralf was initially hampered by Zille's Carlton van Wyk and a Shadow Court Satyr, but eventually was able to profit from his higher pool when the heads-up started. Zille was only able to put Ralf on one pool, while Ralf then only needed to bleed for one himself when it was his turn (in round 10).

Result: Zille 2 VP, Ralf 2 VP (after about 65 minutes)

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