Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rise From Your Grave!

Not the same La SombraI am not too enthusiastic about reposting/cross-posting, but this one is certainly worth it. The Lasombra (VtES player and archivist extraordinaire) is offering to host websites with VtES content that have disappeared from the internet one time or another. But read his post for yourself:
Old V:TES websites that have disappeared from the web can be rehosted. The second such site is Kindred Whispers from 2004. Do you have an old V:TES website that isn't being hosted anymore (Geocities victim, etc.) that you have the source code for? Contact me about hosting it for you. There is a new page that will list all of these types of sites that I am hosting, Rise From Your Grave!.
You can contact him by the email address given above as well as on the forum (where he roams under the alias Adonai).

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