Thursday, September 15, 2011

Plans for VtES Fan Expansion

On July 19th, 2011 the VEKN (the VtES players organization) send out a call of artists, which asked if there any volunteers who will provide artwork (for free) for an upcoming VtES fan expansion. Yesterday (September 15h, 2011) these plans became more substantiated, when the VEKN disclosed more details for the aforementioned fan expansion. The development of expansion is spearheaded by a small design team lead by Ben Peal (three time north-american champion and involved in the development of previous VtES expansions). The release date will (hopefully) not too far into the future, because the VEKN don't want to let slip VtES into a slumber, it may not awake from eventually.

In addition, the VEKN is both asking for general input and ideas for upcoming VtES expansions as well as asking for play testers (or more specific play testing groups). And finally all players are encouraged to share their card ideas in the respective VEKN subforum. These cards may or may not be used by the design team, but may inspire and help the team members in the design process.


Meu said...

I've already experimented homemade expansions for another game (doomtrooper) and the game became unplayable.
Cards that were ok for the finnish playtesting group, were completly overpowered for another one.
We should aim to the "perfect" expansion without useless cards or overpowered combos.

Anonymous said...

Rage on the other hand has really benefitted from "official" PDF cards from fan organization.