Monday, September 12, 2011

VtES History: "White Wolf Announces Vampire: Blood Shadowed Court"

On January 10th, 2008 White Wolf officially announces the expansion Blood Shadowed Court for VtES. Information on the expansion already had been leaked in mid-December 2007, when White Wolf informed retailers about the upcoming releases for VtES.
White Wolf Announces Vampire: Blood Shadowed Court

Now in its 13th year of play, White Wolf celebrates the latest product for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (VTES).

Blood Shadowed Court is a reprint set of the 100 vampires from the Camarilla Edition. The crypt cards will be printed in the newest standard layout with the original art, with one exception. The Marcus Vitel crypt card will have new art. Furthermore, this product will feature new deluxe packaging.

VTES Blood Shadowed Court Display:
Stock #: WWP2786
ISBN#: 1-588464-946
Retail Price: $59.94 US
Contents: Contents: 6 VTES Blood Shadowed Court Collector Decks.

VTES Blood Shadowed Court Collector Deck:
Stock #: WWP2787
ISBN#: 1-588464-954
Retail Price: $9.99 US
Contents: Contents: 100-card deck.

Developer: L. Scott Johnson

PRICES MAY VARY FOR INDIVIDUAL RETAILERS. Princes, organizers, or retailers with concerns may contact Oscar Garza, the Organized Play Coordinator at orgplay@...

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle celebrates its thirteenth anniversary this year. Designed by Richard Garfield, designer of Magic: The Gathering®, VTES allows players to pit clans of vampires against one another in a mix of intrigue and action.

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