Saturday, September 10, 2011

Poll: Deck Build Lecture during the EC 2011?

During the upcoming European VtES Championship 2011, there's the possibility that the Swedish national coordinator, Isak Esbjörnsson Bjärmark, will give a lecture about Swedish (and maybe more) deck building. But since the schedule during the EC from Friday to Sunday is so tight, the organizers need to know if someone is interested in such a lecture on Thursday (and when). To see how much interest for such a lecture is, I have initiated a poll on

So if you plan attending the EC this year, please vote on this poll on The questions (and the answers look like this: Do you want to participate in a lecture about deck building during Thursday?
  1. After Lunch.
  2. Before the Welcome Party.
  3. During Welcome Party.
  4. Whatever, I'm not interested.

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