Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Did you know, that ... (Part 68)

.. that the card text of Mind Rape changed in a significant way from the Sabbat War to the latest Keepers of Tradition version? The Keepers version has an added clause, "you still control the card". In the past, while the Mind Rape was still on a targeted vampire, and the player who played the card was ousted, the card stayed in play. That meant, that this vampire would never untap (as normal) during the untap phase, since Mind Rape would not burn anymore during the game. With that new clause, the card leaves play as soon as the player (who played it originally) is ousted, since he still controls the card when is he about to be ousted.


floppyzedolfin said...

First Tradition was also changed secretly in KoT.
Now, instead of passing or paying, you either pass, or pay 2 *during your untap phase*. If you have 2 pool and the Edge or a Vessel, you now survive, when you wouldn't before.

extrala said...

Thanks. That's really useful information!

Robert Scythe said...

The Mind Rape text change was also a product of the original nerfing. Sabbat Edition Mind Rape did not require the clause but was so twisted and broken that when they toned it down in Sabbat War they hadn't considered the by product of the new wording.