Sunday, July 10, 2011


When I was evaluating the usefulness of the Asanbosam Ghoul in a VtES deck, I wanted to know about the mythological background of this creature. And from Wikipedia I got this information, I wanted to share:

The Sasabonsam is a vampire-like folkloric being from West Africa. It belongs to the folklore of the Ashanti of southern Ghana, as well as Côte d'Ivoire and Togo. It is said to have iron teeth and iron hooks for feet and to live in trees, attacking from above.

In mythology, it is usually portrayed as an archetypical ogre: according to "A Dictionary of World Mythology",
...the hairy Sasabonsam has large blood-shot eyes, long legs, and feet pointing both ways. Its favourite trick is to sit on the high branches of a tree and dangle its legs so as to entangle the unwary hunter.
Both Ogre and Vampire version have iron teeth.


H* said...

Does this mean damage Sasabonsam does to Kiasyd is aggravated?

Simidh said...

That should probably bode ill for the Kiasyd >;-)

wargrim said...

@Ralf - any idea how to use Asanbonsams?
I used to play it in my Ghoul Party deck and TZI S&B "toolbox". Wanted to build a heavy wall feat. Little Tailor and Pipers - but the deck didn't seem to put presure on my prey. Mix of Asabonsams and War Ghould (6 + 6 or so) is still the only working deck based on Ghouls IMO ...

extrala said...

@Marcin: That's what I am currently trying to find out. Strictly speaking the War Ghoul is the better ally, since he can rush and prevents a damage each round. But the Asanbomsams are really good at blocking and they don't reguire an ally/retainer to be burned (as cost). So I am looking for the right proportion of Asanbonsam and War Ghouls. Currently the proportion in a deck is 3:6 (in a 60 card deck).

Harlequin said...

Having played piper ghoul in 2 nationals (ending 6th and à final table) during the last few months my experience was that both cry wolf and sassybonsai ghoul are wurth the cut. They are cheap alternatives for when you have à piper but cant spend 3 pool. If i would play ghouls without anarch, i would include 2 or 3 a ghouls.