Tuesday, July 19, 2011

VtES Trifles (Part 3)

Some basic (and mostly randomly collected) numbers on Vampire: the Eternal Struggle (VtES).
  • A VtES card is approximately 63 x 88 mm in size (same as a Magic: the Gathering card).

  • VtES consists of the following types of editions (25 in total):
    • 6 base sets (VtES, Jyhad, Sabbat Wars, Camarilla, Third Edition, Keepers of Tradition)
    • 12 expansions
    • 4 mini-expansions (expansions with 60 cards)
    • 3 special editions (10th Anniversary, Players Kit, Blood Shadowed Courts)

  • There are ..
    • 1370 different crypt cards in total (although it is debatable how Raven/Camille Devereux is counted).
    • 2136 different library cards in total.
    • 78 different promo cards.

  • The "standard" booster contains 7 common, 3 uncommon/vampire and 1 rare cards.
  • The "standard" starter contains 77 library cards and 12 crypt cards.
  • The largest boosters are the Sabbat boosters with 28 cards, consisting of 16 Commons, 5 Vampires, 5 Uncommons, 2 Rares

  • The base set/expansion with the highest number of new cards is the Jyhad with 437 cards.
  • The base set/expansion with the highest number of reprinted cards is Vampire: the Eternal Struggle with 430 cards.
  • The base set/expansion with the least number of new cards is Vampire the Eternal Struggle with 6 cards.
  • There are several expansions (including Jyhad, of course) with no reprinted cards.

  • The longest time between release of any two editions is 4 years 3 days (Sabbat to Sabbat War).
  • The shortest time between any two editions is 1 month 12 days (Blood Shadowed Court to Twilight Rebellion).
If you have any more (excluding those relating to card info (like number of clans, highest pool cost for a cards, etc.)) please let me know (using the Comment function below).


Ossian said...

No love for the Anarchs-era Demo Decks as an "edition"? They even have their own expansion symbol!

Tiago Brum said...

Missing Sabbat Edition in the base sets, methinks.
All those Tremere Antitribu will be mad at ya.