Friday, July 1, 2011

Results NAC 2011: First Chance Qualifier

The results of the VtES North American Championship 2011, which was played on June 23rd-26th, 2011 in Columbus, Ohio have been disclosed. 43 players played in the First Chance Qualifier tournament on June 26th, and the standings after 3 rounds and the final round were as follows:
1. Hugh Angseesing (UK) -- 3 GW 9.5 VP -- 3 VP -- Girls will find ..
2. Bill Troxel (USA) -- 2 GW 6.5 VP -- 1 VP -- Weenie Auspex/Presence
2. Kelly Schultz (USA) -- 2 GW 7 VP -- 1 VP --
2. Robyn Tatu (USA) -- 1 GW 5.5 VP -- 0 VP -- Weenie Protean
2. Selen Turkay (USA) -- 1 GW 5.5 VP -- 0 VP -- Euro Brujah
Congratulations to Hugh for winning the NAC First Chance Qualifier 2011.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Lord, please give us the strength to withstand any new TWD with the word "Girls" in their titles,
please protect us from any of those, which use the word and still try to sound funny, be they from Sweden or from the UK
and please let us have a new owner of the V:tES franchise so that we could have new expansions. Amen.

aaron_clark said...

Selen was playing Euro Brujah at the table I was at.

JWalch said...

The deck was not a "Girls find Inner Peace". It was Animalism based rush (similiar vamps though and Ashurs/Liquidation).