Saturday, February 6, 2010

Card Distribution in "Heirs to the Blood"

Here's some information on the distribution of the cards in boosters of the VtES expansion "Heirs to the Blood". As in the previous expansion "Ebony Kingdom" and "Keepers of Tradition" the distribution of the cards is pseudo random at best, or in other words you can easily recognize the printing pattern.

Common Cards

The common cards are in distinct order with the individual cards having a distinct successor and predecessor card in the seven slots for common cards:
Morphean Blow --> Masca --> Hide the Heart --> Gremlins --> Din of the Damned --> Striga --> Oustide the Hourglass --> Virtuosa --> Penitent Resilience --> Lead Fist --> Voices of the Castle --> Development --> Under My Skin --> Tinglestripe --> Lily Prelude --> Slake the Thirst --> Flames of the Netherworld --> Faerie Wards --> Foldable Machine Gun --> Loving Agony --> Tend the Flock --> Scobax --> Shatter the Gate --> Dagger --> Hive Mind --> Death Seeker --> Benefit Performance --> Mole's Tunneling --> Visionquest --> Groaning Corpse --> As the Crow --> Dive Bomb --> Brick by Brick --> Scourge of Alecto --> Maleficia --> Off Kilter --> Stiff Contempt --> Safe Passage --> Pocket Out of Time --> Diabolic Lure --> Three's a Crowd --> Psalm of the Damned --> Momentary Delay --> Mind of the Wilds --> Greater Curse --> Gift of Sleep --> Jar of Skin Eaters --> Vaticination --> Evil Eye --> Shattering Crescendo --> Wider View --> Ears of the Hare --> Ravager --> Oppugnant Night --> Hexe --> Lord of Serenity
Vampire Cards

The same thing basically applies for the distribution of vampire cards. Initially I couldn't make a single series out of it, because I couldn't distinguish the positions of the two vampires with U2 rarity ("The Horde" and "Grotesque"), and I never saw a booster that had "The Horde" and "Grotesque" in the middle middle position of the three vampire cards. After a reader's comment to this post, I was able to complete the series.
Rare Cards

Unfortunately, and this upsets me quite a bit, the same pattern also applies to the rare cards as well. I bought two booster boxes and the set of rares (even which ones where duplicate) were exactly the same! Even worse the order of the rare card in the booster display was the same. The rare of the last two booster displays in the bottom of the box where "Research" and "Blood Tempering" in both boxes. To make matters worse a french player I know had exactly the same composition of rare cards in the booster box he bought as I had.

The rares in one box were (here in alphabetical order):
1x The Ailing Spirit -- 1x The Black Beast -- 1x Blessing of the Beast -- 1x Bliss -- 2x Blood Tempering -- 1x Cavalier -- 1x Charge of the Buffalo -- 1x Cheat the Fates -- 1x Clockwerx -- 1x Code of Samiel -- 1x Dabbler -- 1x Decompose -- 1x Draeven Softfoot (Changeling) -- 2x Fanfare for Elysium -- 1x Fractura -- 1x Great Symposium -- 1x Harmony -- 1x Hay Ride -- 1x Hunger Moon -- 1x I am Legion -- 2x Infernal Servitor -- 1x Knotted Cord -- 2x Member of the Entourage -- 1x The Path of Harmony -- 1x Portio Martyrium -- 1x Scarlet Lore -- 1x Shadowed Eyes -- 1x Spirit Claws -- 1x Research -- 1x Thicker than Blood -- 1x Threading the Path of Orpheus -- 1x Unleash Hell's Fury
Thanks to floppyzedolfin for putting these lists together.


Anonymous said...

what about Summon History? where does it appear?

xcver said...

not able to check at the moment, but this list looks a lot like the 1 booster display that was opened here...real shame about that distribution problem...

Anonymous said...

I got:

Kyrlo -> The Horde -> Helen Fairchild

Lydia, Grand Praetor -> The Horde -> The unnamed

Scout Youngblood -> Grotesque -> Baroque

Silas -> Grotesque -> Greer Worder