Thursday, February 11, 2010

VtES Storyline: "Eden's Legacy" Aftermath

Ben Swainbank, the VtES storyline coordinator, has published the aftermath story of the VtES storyline event "Eden's Legacy", that took place from October to December 2009.

The top four of winning clans are these:
1. Brujah -- 6 events won
1. Guruhi -- 6
2. Ishtarri -- 4
2. Malkavian -- 4
The Laibon clans have a very strong result, due in no small part to the special rule helping the Laibon searching their library for a card when a Laibon is moved to the ready region.

The winning clans used the following motivations
  1. Secrecy -- used by 18 winning clans
  2. Gehenna -- 17
  3. Knowledge -- 14
  4. Jyhad -- 8
You can find more information on VtES storylines on the official storyline website.

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Brandonsantacruz said...

Turns out secrecy is pretty damn boring.