Monday, February 8, 2010

Results "Heirs to the Blood" Launch Event in Bochum

These are the results of our local Launch Event on February 7th, 2010 for the new VtES expansion "Heirs to the Blood" in Bochum, Germany after 3 rounds (no final round played):
1. Didi R. -- 3 GW 9 VP -- Kiasyd/Lasombra
2. Sebastian K. -- 2.5 VP -- Kiasyd/Lasombra
3. Ralf L. -- 1.5 VP -- Salubri antitribu/Ventrue antitribu
4. Rik G. -- 1.5 VP -- Salubri antitribu/Ventrue antitribu
5. Martin E. -- 1.5 VP -- Tremere/Gargoyle
6. Frank C. -- 1 VP -- Salubri antitribu/Ventrue antitribu
7. Hardy R. -- 1 VP -- Samedi/Nosferatu
8. Eric R. -- 1 VP -- Tremere/Gargoyle
9. Michael B. -- 0 VP -- Samedi/Nosferatu
With 9 players we choose to use rather small draft pods with 3 players each. The draft pool consisted of the starter (fixed for each player), and additionally 4 boosters of "Heirs to the Blood" as well as one booster each of "3rd Edition" and "Keepers of Tradition".

As you can see the Kiasyd/Lasombra dominated the tournament with all GW and more VPs than the rest combined. The Salubri antitribu and the Gargoyle decks had a decent defense, but lacked ousting power in this metagame. Hardest to play was the Samedi starter with six different disciplines, and a little bit lack of focus (either more block capability (via permanents or Necromancy/Animalism) or more bloat (via Little Mountain Cemetery).

Here are the pictures from the three rounds (one for each table played):

From left to right: Round 1 Table 1 -- Round 1 Table 2 -- Round 2 Table 1

From left to right: Round 2 Table 3 -- Round 3 Table 1 -- Round 3 Table 2


Kyabetsu said...

Congratulations to Didi R for the grand win. Was this player especially skillful, lucky or added just the right cards to the deck from the draft?

Did you feel that 6 boosters was enough to draft from, or would you have preferred more?

extrala said...

Didi won the German VtES Draft Championship twice (in 2008 and 2009), so you can say, he's quite skillful in that discipline.

6 Boosters was enough. The main problem with the fixed starters and the HttB boosters, is that you cannot use too much of them, because 2/3 of it isn't wanted by anyone, e.g. stuff for Blood Brothers, Baali, etc. But drafting just more HttB boosters isn't a real solution.

hardyrange said...

In fact, Didi did not draft too many useful cards - he stripped down the starter, though, and in the end played with just 69 library cards, to keep the deck focused.

A decklist is available in the German VEKN forum (login may be needed):

mondragon lasombra said...

A bit late, i just played the launch event in Gran Canaria.

Here with 8 players too the winner was "Baku" with a Tremere/Gargoyle

The results here:

Gargoyle/trem Baku 2gw & 6vp(3vp+2,5vp+0,5vp)

Gargoyle/trem etrigan 1gw & 4,5 vp (0.5vp+0vp+4vp)

Salubri/ventrue! mondragon 1gw & 2vp(0vp+1,5vp+0,5vp)

Samedi/nosfe Jonay 0gw & 0,5vp

Samedi/ nosfe verticalero 0gw & 0,5vp

salubri/ventrue! 0gw & 1,5vp

kiasyd/lasombra 0gw & 1vp (1+0+0)

kiasyd/lasombra 0gw &1,5vp (0,5x3)

Surprising news kiasyds dont won and the end of the gargoyles/tremeres decks!!!!