Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Heirs to the Blood": Preconstructed Deck "Salubri antitribu/Ventrue antitribu"

Here's the deck list for the Salubri antitribu/Ventrue antitribu deck from the new VtES expansion "Heirs to the Blood":

Deck Name: "Heirs to the Blood" Salubri antitribu / Ventrue antitribu Starter Deck
Author: Ben Peal
Description: Salubri antitribu / Ventrue antitribu Preconstructed Starter Deck

Crypt (Capacity min=3 max=8 avg=5.7; 12 cards)

1x Aredhel 5 aus FOR VAL !Salubri:4
1x Jefferson Foster 6 for tha AUS DOM !Ventrue:4
1x Jephta Hester 5 aus DOM FOR !Ventrue:4
1x Langa 5 for VAL !Salubri:4
1x Mariel St. John 6 dom pro AUS FOR !Ventrue:4
1x Neighbor John 5 dom for AUS !Ventrue:4
1x Nkechi 4 aus for val !Salubri:4
1x Polly Kay Fisher 8 for pot AUS DOM THA !Ventrue:4
1x Rashiel 3 for val !Salubri:4
1x Titus Camille 8 for AUS DOM OBF !Ventrue:4
2x Uriel 8 ani obe AUS FOR VAL !Salubri:4

Library (77 cards)

Master (12 cards)
1x Auspex
2x Blooding by the Code
1x Corporate Hunting Ground
1x Fame
1x Fortitude
1x Information Highway
1x Path of Retribution, The
2x Vessel
2x Villein

Event (1 cards)
1x Dragonbound

Action (15 cards)
3x Abbot
1x Blessing of the Name
2x Brother in Arms
4x Govern the Unaligned
1x Graverobbing
2x Rumble
2x Sense Death

Equipment (5 cards)
5x Baseball Bat

Action Modifier (2 cards)
2x Dawn Operation

Reaction (19 cards)
3x Enhanced Senses
3x Eyes of Argus
1x Melange
3x Precognition
2x Telepathic Counter
5x Wake with Evening's Freshness
2x Hide the Heart

Combat (23 cards)
1x Blissful Agony
1x Eye of Unforgiving Heaven
5x Indomitability
3x Sword of the Righteous
3x Target Vitals
5x Unflinching Persistence
3x Vengeance of Samiel
2x Death Seeker

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Ben Peal said...

The "Author" listing in all four of the starter deck lists you've posted is incorrect.

extrala said...

So I am assuming that you're the author .. Am I correct?

Ben Peal said...

Indeed! Check the designer credits in the rulebook. :)