Friday, February 12, 2010

VtES Rules: "Tinglestripe" Q&A

Quite a number of questions regarding the equipment "Tinglestripe" have appeared after the card has been published in "Heirs to the Blood", so here's a "Questions and Answers" summary for the card. Most of the information is taken from the Usenet newsgroup "":

Question: Is the Mytherceria needed only for playing "Tinglestripe"?
Answer: Mytherceria is only needed for playing "Tinglestripe", it is not required when using or striking with the weapon.

Q: Does it make a difference if the minion plays "Tinglestripe" by other means (e.g. Concealed Weapon, etc.)?
A: No. Regardless of the means ("Concealed Weapon", "Disguised Weapon", "Magic of the Smith", "Filchware's Pawnshop", etc.) the minion playing "Tinglestripe" needs to have Mytherceria. This is consistent with other requirements for playing equipment, e.g. being a member of a clan or sect.

Q: What happens later in the game, when the wielder of "Tinglestripe" changes?
A: When the card changes the wielder, e.g. by Diablerie, "Fast Hands" or "Heidelburg Castle", the new wielder does not need Mytherceria to get the weapon nor does he need Mytherceria to use the weapon later.

Q: When a minion plays "Tinglestripe" using superior Mytherceria, can the weapon be used for either effect or is it restricted to one (chosen when equiping with the weapon)?
A: When "Tinglestripe" was played using superior Mytherceria, the minion wielding it can always choose which effect to use (2R without maneuver, or 1R with an optional maneuver). This is not dependent if and what level of Mytherceria a minion has.
For example, a vampire with inferior Mytherceria learns superior Mytherceria with the help of "Agent of Power" for a round, and the vampire plays "Tinglestripe" at superior Mytherceria during that round, he can use both effects of the card even after the effect of "Agent of Power" has worn off. Another example would be "Samuel Haight" stealing "Tinglestripe" with "Fast Hands", he can use also both effects of "Tinglestripe" if it was played earlier using superior Mytherceria, even though he doesn't have Mytherceria and is not even a vampire.



floppyzedolfin said...

Mytherceria is a requirement _to play_ the card, not equip it. Therefore, any minion (even allies or vampires without Mytherceria) could equip it from the bearer when it's in play.

extrala said...

Duly noted! I was bit sloppy with the wording here. For example if you take "Tinglestrip" via an action from another minion you control this is also an equip action, but clearly doesn't require Mytherceria.