Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Heirs to the Blood": Card Checklists

I have created two check lists for the new VtES expansion "Heirs to the Blood". The lists have been posted in in the polish VtES forum.The list of crypt cards is now complete (except some grouping information). From the list of library cards some card texts are missing, I will add them later today.

You can find the complete visual spoilers "Heirs to the Blood" on the following Hungarian web pages:
Thanks to all the contributors for this list, but special thanks to Ivan, Pudel & Victor.


Víctor said...


these is a complete visual spoiler of "HEIRS TO THE BLOOD"

Maegnar said...

Do you have new arts for Deflection, Governs, etc?

extrala said...

I haven't see any new artwork (for old cards) yet. I am away from home right now, and will see my own HttB cards on Friday evening earliest.

The EBay sellers only seem to sell whole HttB starters.

floppyzedolfin said...

Thanks *a lot* for this huge job!

Dom' said...

Thanks very much for this checklist :) ;)