Monday, February 22, 2010

Poll Results: "Which bloodline got the biggest boost (library & crypt cards) with 'Heirs to the Blood'?"

Here are the results of the latest poll what readers of this blog think the clan is that good the the biggest boost (library & crypt cards) with the new VtES expansion< "Heirs to the Blood". 289 votes have been cast in the poll:
  • Ahrimanes -- 9 (3%)
  • Baali -- 103 (35 %)
  • Blood Brothers -- 14 (4%)
  • Daughters of Cacophony -- 33 (11%)
  • Gargoyles -- 4 (1%)
  • Kiasyd -- 12 (4%)
  • Nagaraja -- 1 (0%)
  • Salubri antitribu -- 52 (17%)
  • Salubri -- 1 (0%)
  • Samedi -- 2 (0%)
  • True Brujah -- 23 (7%)
  • They all got big boost! -- 17 (5%)
  • The new cards suck. -- 7 (2%)
  • I don't care about them. -- 11 (3%)
Not surprisingly the Baali won by a huge margin, because they got a bunch of good vampires and a large number of tools, including the two pseudo-disciplines. Following with 17% and 11% are the Salubri antitribu and Daughters of Cacophony. Outstanding cards for these clans are "Death Seeker"/"Code of Samiel" and "Lily Prelude"/"Harmony" respectively. The rest of the clans are following at a rather low percentages. Totally undeserved are the 4% for the Kiaysd, who got very good crypt cards and also outstanding library cards like "Gremlins" or "Faerie Ward". At the bottom end are the Salubri, Samedi and Nagaraja, and that is for a reason, the Nagaraja only got very, very few cards, and the library cards for the Salubri and Samedi are standard at the best, weak at the worst.

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floppyzedolfin said...

There was no way my vote wasn't going to the clan that got the best hunting card ever.

And, no, that's not plain dumb Kyasids.

Come on, Jozz isn't *that* bad.. and Veejay has the best special for a 3-cap with AUS.

I admit I can't think of the killing combo involving Asguresh, but the must be one !