Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Black Hand Distribution

"In essence, the Black Hand is a sect within a sect, made up of the most dedicated and capable Sabbat members. Part paramilitary, part religion, part survivalist militia, these vampires wholeheartedly believe that Gehenna is coming. They do all they can to prepare for the rise of the Antediluvians." -- Wikipedia entry on the Black Hand
When looking for a suitable Black Hand vampires (and talking to my fellow VtES players on #vekn. I was examining the distribution of Black Hand vampires across the different clans:
  • 1x -- Abomination, Ahrimanes, Followers of Set, Harbingers of Skulls, Nagaraja, Pander, Samedi, Salubri Antitribu, True Brujah
  • 4x -- Brujah Antitribu, Toreador Antitribu, Tzimisce
  • 5x -- Lasombra, Malkavian Antitribu, Nosferatu Antitribu, Tremere Antitribu, Ventrue Antitribu
  • 7x -- Gangrel Antitribu
  • 8x -- Assamite
Why this emphasis on Gangrel antitribu and Assamites (in particular)? Is there some WoD reason I don't know about? Or is it a decision for giving more support to weak (perceived or not) clans?

And it's quite similar when looking at the number of Seraphs available to the different clans:
  • 1x -- Gangrel Antitribu, Nosferatu Antitribu, Tzimisce, Ventrue Antitribu
  • 2x -- Lasombra
  • 3x -- Assamite


Neurotique said...

Check out "Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand" book. There are in reality 2 factions of the group, one being part of the Sabbat, and the other a far older organization, the Tal'mahe'Ra.

The book was later RetConned with the advent of 3rd edition. But I think it was the first book that had stats for Old Clan Tzimisce, True Brujah, and Nagaraja as well as the Path of Lilith.

Anonymous said...

In any case, the assamite being well represented is in the lore in several occasions. For !gangrel, no such thing, apart the discipline synergy.

The dirty secret of the black hand is a mess, because a lot of thing in it have been changed afterward and don't line up with the CCG at all.