Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wall of Text

P.S.: Wall of Text is actually a mocking term indicating that a card (or rule) suffers from having too much text, making it unnecessarily hard to comprehend(for example, when an another player doesn't know the card or rule).


Prince of Lisboa said...

Don't understand the Auspex relation to the card... which opposing vampire?


Tiago Brum said...

Memorial Quote # 79:

"Direct Intervention! That's too much card text."
-- Martin (German VtES player) after the card text of Concordance was read to him.

extrala said...

Damnit, somebody read the cardtext ..
initially I wanted to make a combat card, hence the "opposing vampire" clause. When I changed to be an action card, I didn't remove/change that part of the card. :(