Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Did you know, that ... (Part 88)

.. did you know that a Nephandus takes damage when the opposing vampire plays Catatonic Fear even though damage against strikes or damaging effect made against him inflicts 1 less damage? The reason that Catatonic Fear deals damage against a Nephandus is that the damage of Catatonic Fear us delivered after combat whereas the damage reduction effect of the Nephandus is only applied to damage dealt in combat.

Reference: [LSJ-20080629]

REVERSAL: I think, I read LSJ's answer in the above reference not correctly in the first place. He's arguing that the strike was done in combat and the Nephandus' special effect is therefore applied. Thus the Nephandus does not take damage at all by the Catatonic Fear.


Baal said...

So why it works with Target Vitals ? Don't get that logic.

extrala said...

That's pretty simple. Target Vitals add +2 dmg. to any damage dealing strike, and it doesn't matter when the actual dmg. is applied to the opponent (inside or outside of combat).

The Nephandus special ability, on the other hand, only applies to dmg. dealt in combat, whereas Catatonic Fear deals dmg. after (i.e. outside of) the combat.

Anonymous said...

Hey Extrala,

acording to the same rulings you point to, it does work acording to LSJ. Who is right here? :P

Yes. Pertinent card text: "Each strike". "During combat" modifies strike, not
damage, and the strike was indeed made in combat (as all strikes are).

You best come to the tournament in the Netherlands btw :P

Anonymous said...

this is the problem of occasional inconsistency of LSJ rulings and IMHO it should be disregarded if it doesn't make sense:

1. Nephandus prevents damage IN THE COMBAT
2. although Catatonic Fear is played in combat, that point of damage is by card text done AFTER COMBAT, meaning not in combat. Nephandus shouldn't be able to prevent that.
3. LSJ rulings shouldn't be cast in stone, he's not the rules monger anymore.