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Module (noun): an independently operable unit that is a part of the total structure.
Modules as a concept have been around in VtES for quite some time now. It first came to appearance in the Toreador Antitribu Newsletter September 2000, where it was presented by Ethan Burrow (and Norman S. Brown). The Presence forum has a whole subsection dedicated to the module concept (although input has been very slow these days).

A different kind of moduleBut what is a module actually? A module in VtES is a set of cards, typically 10 to 20 cards) which has designated purpose and where the individual cards have something in common and/or they supplement each other. The cards of a module are often similar or at least complement each other. Furthermore, and that was the original purpose of a module, a module can be shared in a variety of decks.(1)

An Auspex based block module (21 cards) would look like this and could certainly used both in a Tremere Wall deck or a Ventrue antitribu Grinder deck:
That most cards are included four times is pure coincidence. Before the introduction of Eyes of Argus and On the Qui Vive these cards would have been easily 8x Forced Awakenings.

A second example here is a ranged combat module with Taste of Vitae (for regaining blood).
This module can be used in a Weenie Potence Computer Hacking deck, as well as Combat defense in Lasombra Toolbox deck.

But you have be careful when using modules in different decks. Just adding a couple of cards because the discipline(s) (or other requirements) fit, may seriously dilute your deck and derail the deck from its intended schwerpunkt.

Footnote: (1) One problem remains when actually exchanging cards between decks is how to identify them quickly. Here the only solution is to either keep meticulous deck list or sort the decks after playing them, so it's easier to take the cards out.

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Joscha said...

I often stick notes on to the decks I took cards from. There I register what cards I took out and in which deck they went.