Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Prophecies

Hearken to the diviner's prophecies
Of blood-filled dreams and shortened nights
Of hunger risen to claim its own
Of arrogance turned to ash.

Within the get of Caine there is a hunger stirring
Once, twice, thrice the call to power and death
Will rend the souls of the Thirteen
This is the death without bloodshed
This is the grave that has no ghosts.

There will come a time
when an Elder Darkness will stir
deep below a city which has forgotten
and will surprise the Elder, its children

There will come a time
when an ancient hunger will awaken
deep in the northern woods
and consume her childer

On these signs, you must know,
that Gehenna waits, even at the door,
as an actor waits in the wings
It is coming! It is near!
As told during the VtES Prophecy League in 2004.

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