Monday, February 20, 2012

A New Beginning

It don't know the date or the exact circumstances when the (now defunct?) VtES playgroup in Seekonk, Massachusetts put up the poster you can see above, but it strongly reminded about the abandonment of VtES by CCP now more than a year ago.

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mongrel(mdh) said...

Sadly, I have to say that page is ancient history. "The End" refers to Gehenna as per 2004.
(Here's the Internet Wayback Machine link:
) Last TWDA entry for a Seekonk event was January 2005.

However, the players involved in the Seekonk VTES community did eventually start TempleCon in 2006 in Providence, Rhode Island and we've had our Northeast US qualifier there every year since. Their base of operations has moved from the Wexler's store in Seekonk, MA to The Temple Games in Pawtucket, RI.