Thursday, February 23, 2012

VtES Custom Deck Box

One of users on BoardgameGeek made these custom deckboxes for his VtES decks. The quality of the boxes is not that good (if you take a close look), but I highly appreciate the idea and the will to execute it.
You can see more details of the deckbox and and the digital blueprint on the Thingiverse website.


Serazahr said...

3D Printers are the future.
Still saving up for one.

Can't wait to make my own edge, blood counters, etc.

Joscha said...

I like that idea really much. I'd like to have one of those boxes.

Juggernaut1981 said...

While I like it, I don't like the surface very much. I get the urge to even it out with some kind of polisher/grinder.

I'd much prefer a metal tin that has been engraved, decal'd or etched. I wouldn't have minded a smooth-surfaced box.

SirGronk said...


It is a little bit rough, true. I tweaked the printer some, and later prints have turned out smoother. It's pretty easy to sand it down with sandpaper, and I've heard a quick dip in acetone smooths prints out pretty well. I want to try that.

At a friend's request, I recently did one up with a Setite logo on it for one of his decks. Came out pretty good.