Monday, February 27, 2012

Vampire OEMs

There are some library cards in VtES which directly reference a vampire (crypt card). These are:
And thanks to the Bochum playgroup (and commentators of this post) for helping build this list.


Boris said...

And all of them were released before the corresponding vampire. How many cards reference a vampire that has not been printed yet? That could give ideas for future extensions.

h said...

Massassi's Honor

Xaddam said...

'Massassi' translates to 'vampire' in some lore or language if I recall correctly.

Anonymous said...


Massassi's Honor - Massassi
Igoli's Loyalty - Ayo Igoli


daem0nfaust said...

Whu... wait what??? That guy in the Jack Drake card is Smiling Jack??

Vlad said...

And so is Jack Tredegar, but as an alias... ;-)