Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bloodlines Crypt Card Distribution

After seeing the distribution of the Bloodlines clans of the next VtES expansion "Heirs to the Blood" on White Wolf's preview page for the expansion, I was curious if and how it changed along the three different Bloodlines-related expansions "Bloodlines", "Legacies of Blood" and "Heirs to the Blood". I was a little bit surprised to see how relatively even the distribution of crypt cards is. There a few hiccups like the Blood Brothers and Gargoyles initial boost, but they got toned a bit in the next expansion. The real change with "Heirs to the Blood" is that the three scarce clans get an extra crypt card in the expansion.

Bloodlines BL LoB HttB Sum
Ahrimanes 5 5 5 15
Baali 5 (5) 5 15
Blood Brother 10 2 5 17
Daughters of Cacophony 5 5 5 15
Gargoyle 8 3 5 16
Harbingers of Skulls 5 5 5 15
Kiasyd 5 5 5 15
Nagaraja 3 3 4 10
Salubri 3 3 4 10
Salubri Antitribu 5 5 5 15
Samedi 6 5 6 17
True Brujah 3 3 4 10

The five Baali vampire attributed to the "Legacies of Blood" expansion, were actually part of the "Kindred Most Wanted" expansion. I also omitted from the tables any vampires that were only available as promo card.


Anonymous said...

You are wrong, in Legacies of blood there is only two blood brothers, Hermana Hambrienta Mayor y Hermana Hambrienta menor, both of them usseless... but only two :oP

Anonymous said...

LoB includes two Bloodbrothers (not three). Angelo was a promo.

extrala said...

I copied the data from FELDB. For whatever reason it attributes "Angelo" to "Legacies of Blood". My apologies ..