Friday, December 4, 2009

Did you know, that ... (Part 38)

.. when you're playing "Static Virtue" after a Laibon has been moved to the ready region in your last influence, you need to move one Aye and one Orun each to the Laibon. That is you need to move these cards in pairs to the Laibon; it's not possible to move a number of Aye/Orun to the Laibon, where the numbers of these cards do not match.



Prince of Lisboa said...

Sorry, but in the post and by card text, you can choose the other "part" of the card, where you can choose to move one (and only one) Aye or Orun.

Ome said...

Yeah, I did know that. I found strange that in a recent post, a storyline deck with Eze as star, used Static Virtues but no Ayes.