Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poll Results: "What should happen with bounce cards in the future?"

Here are the results of the latest poll what readers of this blog think about the future of bleed bounce cards in VtES? 178 votes have been cast in the poll:
  • Add more AUS/DOM-bounce. -- 7 (3%)
  • Add non-AUS/DOM-bounce. -- 51 (28%)
  • Add more discipline-less bounce. -- 8 (4%)
  • Add more anti-bounce cards. -- 60 (33%)
  • Don't add bounce cards anymore. -- 27 (15%)
  • Ban bounce cards. -- 6 (3%)
  • I don't care. -- 19 (10%)
As you can see there are two major antipodes, 33% of the readers want to add more anti-bounce cards, whereas 28% want more bounce cards, but for non-Auspex/-Dominate disciplines. A sizable miniority of 15% don't want any bounce cards added.


aaron_clark said...

This wasn't one of your options, but what about rewriting the bounce cards so that they are less powerful? If Deflection could not be used on older vampires, for instance, it would be a lot more balanced. Or how about Redirection at superior can't bounce an older vamp and at basic is a bleed reduction? I realize that this will never happen, but that would be my vote.

Anonymous said...

Next question is of course:

Which non-DOM/AUS disciplines deserve (anti) bounce cards?