Tuesday, December 1, 2009

VtES Clan Newsletters in November 2009

One clan newsletter has been posted in the "rec.trading-cards.jyhad" usenet newsgroup this month. Beside using a newsgroup reader, you can also access the newsgroup by Google Groups.
You can find the complete VtES Clan Newsletter Archive on Lasombra's website.


thekolo said...

Hey I am relatively new to VTES and the Clan News letters are fantastic.

However, I never did learn to navigate newsgroups effectively. I don't know why. If you could either point me in a direction where they are all archived or post a blog entry with all of them that would be awesome.

No rush though busy couple of weeks ahead so I won't have time to read them.

extrala said...

That's easy. Lasombra's website has the complete
Clan Newsletter Archive.

But beware it takes a looong time to read them all. At first I would recommend reading those newsletters which clan interest you most.